Newsbook uses the best servers and connect us to the best network from the best datacenter. It is more than a budget hosting with the kind of features being offered. Reseller of Newsbook so the server is stable and reliable. Newsbook is a hosting provider with one of the biggest market share.


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Newsbook is one of the largest provider of hosting and rental in HK, provide fast, stable and secure web hosting services for the more than ten thousands enterprises.
Dedicated Host four inprove

Remote control more convenient, more flexible

The allocation of system resources more adequate and more effective

Service system more focused and better

Security monitoring more strong and stable

Dedicated Host advantages
High low- price   High isolation   High security  High autonomy  High control
HK Server-Rental-with-Co-location

Server Plan

   Server Configuration Monthly fee* Monthly fee** Monthly fee***



Core 2 Duo E4500, 1GB RAM,

500GB HDD. 1 fixed IP

HK$ 880 HK$ 1080 HK$ 1280

Core 2 Duo E6550, 2GB RAM,

500GB HDD, 1 fixed IP

HK$ 1080 HK$ 1280 HK$ 1480





Core i3 540, 4G RAM (DDR3),

500GB HDD (SATA), 1 fixed IP

HK$1280 HK$1600 HK$1800

Core i5 760, 8G RAM (DDR3),

750GB HDD (SATA II), 1 fixed IP

HK$1480 HK$1700 HK$1980

Core i5 930, 8G RAM (DDR3),

750GB HDD (SATA), 1 fixed IP

HK$1580 HK$1800 HK$2180






2 Xeon (Dual Xeon) 2.8GHz, 2GB RAM,

1TB HDD X2  (SATA) 2 fixed IP

HK $1580 HK $1880 HK $2080

2 Xeon (Dual Xeon) E5310A, 8GB RAM, 

1TB HDD X 2 (SATA) 2 fixed IP

HK $2880 HK $3080 HK $3280

2 Xeon (4-core Xeon) E5520, 12GB RAM,

73GB HDD X 2 (SCSI) 2 fixed IP

HK $2980 HK $3280 HK $3680

2 Xeon (4-core Xeon) E5620, 12GB RAM,

73GB HDD X 2 (SCSI) 2 fixed IP

HK $2980 HK $3280 HK $3680

2 Xeon (4-core Xeon) E5620, 12GB RAM,
1.5TB HDD X 2 (
SATA II) 2 fixed IP

HK $3280 HK $3580 HK $4180
Pre-installed Operating System
Linux Fedora Core 5,6,7,8
CentOS 4.5 ,5.0
ServerApache Web Server
Mail Server (Send Mail)
SQL Server (MySql) Webmin
Window2003 Server
(License Excluded)
DNS Server IIS6.0
Terminal Client Server


Room 1, 1/F, Hung Tai Bldg, 37-39, Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (Property of Newsbook Group)
Tel:(852)27820197 Fax:(852)23967073 website:

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