Newsbook uses the best servers and connect us to the best network from the best datacenter. It is more than a budget hosting with the kind of features being offered. Reseller of Newsbook so the server is stable and reliable. Newsbook is a hosting provider with one of the biggest market share.


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Newsbook co-operate with major data centers, such as Di Yi Xian, Pacific Internet, CPC NET, KDDI NET, Wharf T&T, New World, HKNET, HDC data center and China Telecom. High-quality HKIX connect with the backbone links all over the world, a total export of bandwidth up to 30G, it is an effective network to ensure that all user has a stable network environment. Newsbook’s data centers is in using and convenient location. High-quality two network environment, it is a smart choose with Newsbook!

Additional Components / Other Changes

項目 首次 每月
每增加400MB網頁儲存空間   HK$10
增加POP3 E-mail 帳號 (每個2000MB)    
  一個 POP3   HK$10
五個 POP3   HK$30
十個 POP3   HK$50
增加FTP帳號 (每一個) HK$50 HK$30
Sub Domain   HK$10
ODBC(per data source name) HK$300 NIL
Domain Redirection HK$300(year)  
轉換寄存伺服器平台 HK$100  
MySQL   HK$50
MsSQL NT   HK$100
SMTP server HK$200(year) + HK$200(Deposit)
Catch SMTP Service HK$200(Deposit) HK$100
Email Backup service電郵後備服務   HK$35
Java server pages / JSP HK$10
Logreport for NT(NT平台的登陸報告) HK$500/Year
網站SSL(DV)證書 COMODO PositiveSSL HK$200/Year
RapidSSL HK$250/Year
Extra GB(超流量)   HK$30

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