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Newsbook - increase the web storage  , the service fee become  attractive


Hi-Tech   (5, April, 2005)  


Following the February Newsbook enhance services to the network to keep the space more than double the capacity increase, the space is increase again. Now, 68 of the network plans to keep within the space from 300MB to 800MB; 88 monthly fee for keeping the network space from 300MB to 1000MB; 150 monthly fee plan to keep the 400MB network space to 1500MB; 300 within the monthly fee plan 600MB network to keep the space 2000MB; 480 monthly fee plan to keep the 800MB network space to 3000MB; 680 within the monthly fee plan 1000MB hosting space to 4500MB. The upgrade is very shocking, a three-fold increase network capacity by as much as depositors. Combine with the earlier e-mail space of Newsbook was increased from 20MB to 30MB for each, service innovation, and hope that the use with happily, but also to express a thank for the long-term support of customers. In addition, new customers apply for web hosting services now, will also enjoy the offer.
Newsbook business for many years, with experience in senior services, providing customers with comprehensive business Internet services, in terms of quality of service and attitude are constantly strive to enrich it is trustworthy. Upgrade the services while the price is not change! Are you interested in it, do not hesitate, and now apply for it!
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